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Delivery and specifications:



Measuring range: max. 20 g (10 g compared with the previous version)
Accuracy / Readability: 0.001 g (1 / 1000 g)
Sensors: Sensors latest technology for maximum 1 / 1000 g resolution
(Doors open through 180 ) through integration into a rugged case and a hinged cover: Protection of the scale
Total weight of the scale: about 5.8 kg heavy-duty industrial quality
Dimensions of the weighing surface: approx 5 x 3.1 cm (3 inches diameter)
Display: easy to read LCD
Add function: It can be added more weights.
Tare function: The weight display can be calibrated when installing with a push of a button.
Programmable: Different products are supplied with item-specific prices and weight are then instantly available by pressing a button.
Operating temperature: about + 20 to - 15 C
Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.6 x 3.5 inches
with automatic shutoff
Invoice including VAT
2 year warranty


Extremely precise laboratory and carat scales
Professional and highly accurate precision scales, unbeaten in exactly 0.001 g increments. Thanks very latest precision sensors, five times as accurate as other laboratory scales.
These laboratory-scale or diamond has been specifically designed for continuous professional use in the laboratory, for watchmakers and jewelers, etc. The scale is just unbeatable, and weighs 0,001 g in very precise increments. Elsewhere offered Scales, who call precision weigh scales or laboratory, usually only at 0,005 g and thus create only fifth gold of the accuracy of this scale. The balance is protected in a case. It is operated with the supplied tweezers, since abrasion is covered by this diamond scales. The maximum capacity is 20 g. You buy a quality high-tech laboratory scale is of the first quality that is unparalleled. Even universities are among our satisfied customers - that speaks for itself. Please compare precision and maximum weight - do not fall for inferior products.









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